Issue 1


  “Maybe I’m a sexless sex goddess.” – Marilyn Monroe to Life magazine journalist Richard Meryman, 1961   The sexiest woman in America didn’t have an orgasm until the last year of her life.  Despite her famous love affairs and marriages, not to… continue reading »

ESCAPADES by Charity Coleman

  “Who are you? I’m Maria. Will you play with me? Would you like one of my flowers? You have those, and I’ll have these. I can make a boat! See how mine floats? No, you’re hurting me! No!”  … continue reading »

ROOMS LIKE REVERIES by Imogen Sara Smith

Beyond the Door: Interiors and Interiority “A room that is like a reverie,” Baudelaire’s poem begins. Film noir is full of them: rooms that seem to be brooding, dreaming, warning. The half-lit spaces evoke a mood of silky foreboding, “made… continue reading »

RE: FILM SOCIALISME by Gina Telaroli

Editor’s Note: Joan’s Digest declares that Film Socialisme is the film of the year! Yet, no criticism that we’ve read on it described the film as well as an image essay posted on filmmaker Gina Telaroli’s blog. We asked Telaroli… continue reading »


Martha Rosler’s first job out of college included writing captions for Collier’s encyclopedia. “It always was the most amazing puzzle,” she says with a laugh. “How can I possibly make these words fit into that space…It was the era of… continue reading »

DON’T BE AFRAID by Andrea Janes

  This article exists because of a sinkful of dirty pots. I was doing the dishes one afternoon, listening to a podcast on Filmspotting. Guest host Alison Willmore was reviewing Troy Nixey’s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (2010) when… continue reading »

REWOUND by Genevieve Yue

I grew up in the age of the VCR. In a cabinet next to the television, my mother kept a small supply of VHS tapes, most of which were unlabeled because she was frequently recording over them. Of the few… continue reading »

WET FACES by Rebecca Cleman

A girl walks alone down a dark suburban street, gluey tears streaming down her face, oozing from her nostrils even, when a boy catches up to her, lifts her in the air, and slips his tongue to her in an… continue reading »